• Smart-e HDMI/HDBaseT 18Gbps matrix on EI Live! -Basic installation

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:57:57

    I saw these products for the first time on EI Live! 2021.

    The latest product launched by Smart-e is the SDSC 18Gbps product series, that is, the SDSC-4×4-RSP HDMI/HDBaseT matrix, which joins the already successful SDSC-8×8-RSP. The device can switch and extend 18Gbps video to an impressiv

  • Key Digital provides a "meeting room in a box" solution for the reconnected world

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:56:59

    New York, New York, November 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Key Digital provides a "meeting room in a box" solution for a reconnected world

    — Customized conference systems from Key Digital provide complex solutions that are easy to budget and operate, simple to install and no programming req

  • Key figures provide solutions for a reconnected world | Audiovisual Network

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:56:52

    Author: AVNetwork Staff (AV Network) December 1, 2021

    Tailor-made conference systems provide complex solutions.

    Key Digital's "meeting room in a box" series of products can accommodate meetings of any size, from small meeting rooms to boardrooms, larger meeting spaces and classrooms

  • How to set up a home MoCA Internet connection

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:55:41

    I like to make a fuss on wifi, but when I build my network backbone in a new location (house, apartment, or anywhere), I tend to use wired networks as much as possible. The wireless bridge and tri-band mesh network/extender are very convenient to set up, but I always appreciate the stability and

  • Abandon long HDMI cables and use HDMI extenders for wireless connections

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:55:31

    Just as useful and essential as HDMI cables, but they can be a major problem. Connecting a long cable from a laptop to a TV is not only annoying, but laying long cables on the floor is not what you call "decoration". This is where the HDMI extender comes in.

    HDMI extenders are very suitable

  • The best Cat 6 Ethernet cable to increase network speed [Top 9]-Grit Daily News

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:54:59

    This is the best Category 6 Ethernet cable for your home office in 2021.

    If you are an individual, a technician, or in a location that requires a different network, the Cat 6 Ethernet cable is the ideal cable to carry with you. 

    Cat 6 cable is a standardized Ethernet and other n

  • 2021 Chevrolet Corvette long-term road test: introduction

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:54:15

    Our automotive experts choose every product we offer. We may make money from the links on this page.

    A 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 reached 40,000 miles and immediately began to win friends.

    We are already familiar with the excellence of the eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvette

  • KVMSwitchTech launches a new 8X8 HDMI matrix switcher with RS232, IR, TCP/IP and independent digital audio

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:53:34

    One of the most popular functional requirements for HDMI matrix switcher customers is the ability to route audio through the receiver. Although it is always technically possible to do this with HDMI receivers, it has always been problematic, because while HDCP continues to evolve, receivers are r

  • 30 Transmitter Hdmi Inalambrico mejor calificado 2021 | Chicago See Red

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:53:03

    ¿ Estás deambulando por el mercado para conseguir tuTransmisor Hdmi Inalambrico favourito, pero ahora has confundido entre tantas opciones? ¿ Está buscando asesoramiento Experto que pueda llegar a un Transmisor Hdmi Inalambrico Perfecto? En caso afirmativo, siga leyendo este artículo para ob

  • Panasonic enhances Kairos with agile I/O function | MV Network

    by admin on 2021-12-08 06:52:42

    Posted on October 12th 21 by AVNetwork Staff (AV Network)

    The What: Panasonic is releasing Agile I/O, a new feature of its Kairos IT/IP video processing platform that provides AV professionals with additional input and output capabilities to create larger and more complex works. This feat