Trendnet TWP-100R1K: Wirelessly transmit 4K 30p video up to 30 meters

2022-05-28 10:52:05 By : Mr. Jack Zhang

If you present films, sometimes you can't use cables to bridge meter-long transmission paths through large rooms.Wireless transmission systems such as the 4K Wireless HDMI Extender Kit TWP-100R1K from the US manufacturer for network technology Trendnet are ideal for this.The TWP-100R1K wireless presentation system supports multiple devices simultaneously and is cross-platform compatible.The manufacturer promises a simple plug-and-play setup and offers an HDMI 1.4 port for signal reception.The TWP-100R1K works in the 60 GHz frequency spectrum, which should rule out interference with WLAN devices in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz range.The 4K Wireless HDMI Extender Kit TWP-100R1K from Trendnet consists of a transmitter and receiver unit and wirelessly transmits a video signal up to 30 meters away.Trendnet promises a high data transfer rate with low latency over a maximum distance of up to 30 meters.The maximum resolution is DCI-4K for 4096 x 2160 pixels at 24p.3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD) are possible with 30p and 1920x 1080 pixels (Full HD) with 60p.In addition to video, 5.1 audio signals can also be fed in via an HDMI cable.The 4K Wireless HDMI Extender Kit TWP-100R1K includes a receiver and a transmitter that connects to the data transmitter.The receiver is connected to the display or projector accordingly, while the transmitter transmits the signal wirelessly.A total of up to 32 transmitters can be connected.A signal is fed into the transmitter of the 4K Wireless HDMI Extender Kit TWP-100R1K via HDMI 1.4.The receiver is then also connected to the playback device via HDMI 1.4.The Trendnet 4K Wireless HDMI Extender Kit TWP-100R1K is available now for around 767 euros.An additional separate transmitter (TWP-101T) costs around 366 euros.Practical test: Sigma FF High Speed ​​Prime Line including test shotsLink to the manufacturer: Trendnet - 4K Wireless HDMI Extender Kit TWP-100R1KForum Topics Trendnet TWP-100R1K: Wireless transmission of 4K 30p video up to 30 metersRead more... SmallHD Action 5: affordable 5-inch field monitor with 2000 nits brightness May 25, 2022 Acer EI491CUR: 49-inch, 120 Hertz, 5K monitor with DCI-P3 May 22, 2022 CyberLink PowerDVD 22: improved user interface and editing function May 15, 2022 LG gram +view: additional display for the notebook in 16:10 format with DCI-P3 May 08, 2022 ViewSonic VP2776: ColorPro display with Pantone validation, DCI-P3 and DisplayHDR 400 May 06, 2022 AOC CU34P2C: 34" 21:9 Curved Monitor with USB-C May 04, 2022Read now: Up-to-date with all tests and practical reports