50m Over Single Cat5e/6 HDMI Extender (3D+EDID+Bidirectional IR)

50m Over Single Cat5e/6 HDMI Extender (3D+EDID+ Bidirectional IR) Specifications Operating Temperature Range-5 to +35ºC(+23 to +95ºF)Operating Humidity Range5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)Input Video Signal0.5-1.0 Volts P-PInput 

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50m Over Single Cat5e/6 HDMI Extender (3D+EDID+ Bidirectional IR)
Operating Temperature Range-5 to +35ºC(+23 to +95ºF)
Operating Humidity Range5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)
Input Video Signal0.5-1.0 Volts P-P
Input DDC Signal5 volts p-p(TTL)
Support Video FormatDTV/HDTV:480i/576i/480P/576P/720P/108
0i/1080P/3D video/Bi-directional IR
Video OutputHDMI ,HDCP
Support Audio FormatDTS-HD Master Audio,Dolby true-HD etc.
Transmission Distance1080P 8-bit 60m(Maximum) over single
CAT5E/6 /24AWG/Solid
Power consumption5watts(Maximum)
Dimension (L×W×H)81.5x43.5x23mm
Net Weight250g(Pair)
Note1: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and dimensions are approximate.
 Sink must support 3D video when sources is 3D device
 When in 36Bits deep color mode, we suggest set the HDMI source device to output 1080i or 720p.

Package Contents
                                                         Sender Panel

50m Over Single Cat5e/6 HDMI Extender (3D+EDID+Bidirectional IR)

1:  Red  instruction power           2:  Blue instruction signal
3:  HDMI input                    4: Power input                      
5: CAT 6 output          6:  IR-TX              7:  IR-RX
8:EDID copy mode: connect the display to the HDMI input port, then press the key, it'll copy the EDID to the extender; Reset EDID: press the key for 3 seconds, it'll reset the EDID to 1080P 3D stereo.


                                                    Receiver Panel
50m Over Single Cat5e/6 HDMI Extender (3D+EDID+Bidirectional IR)

1:  Red  instruction power          2:  Blue instruction signal
3:  HDMI  output                 4: Power input                      
5: CAT 6 input            6:  IR-TX                7:  IR-RX

Connecting and Operating

50m Over Single Cat5e/6 HDMI Extender (3D+EDID+Bidirectional IR)

1) Connect the HDMI signal sources (Such as PS3, STB etc) to    HDMI Sender.
2) Connect CAT 6 cables to both the outputs of the Sender and inputs of the Receiver.  (The cables must follow the standard of EIA-TIA 568B).
3) Connect the HDMI output (Such as HD-LCD, HD-DLP) into the Receiver.
Attention: Insert/Extract cables carefully.


Clean this unit with a soft, dry cloth. Never use alcohol, paint thinner of benzene to clean this unit.


1.Each set includes one Sender and one Receiver.
Use single UTP LAN cable(Cat 6)to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long transmission distance, the UTP Cable follows the standard of IEEE-568B.
Transmission distance extends up to 50 meters under 1080P.
Supports lossless compressed digital audio: Dolby True-HD, DTS-HD Master Audio.
Transmit Digital Audio and Video over the CAT6 cable with zero signal loss.
Data transfer speed 6.75 Gbps.
8.Support HDCP 1.2
9.Support EDID
 DC 5V power supply

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